New chapter
Reza Hiwa

It's a new day for Tripadour

V Day!

Yes! V Day: Day of Victory! Because this IS a victory for us.

From Valentine’s Day 2019 WE SELL our books on-line. To hell the chief predator Amazon! Internet can be something else than a knife under the throat. When the public authorities not only let down the cultural agents in front of the predators, but they remove the blood by the budgetary cuts, we hve to learn to defend ourselves and to resist on our own. The independent ON-LINE SALE to us means exactly this kind of resistance.


To protect our visitors data & privacy we’ve carried the extensive tests during the months.

This relentless work has finally paid. We got the highest grade (A+) by the reference de facto authority in Net Security: SSLLAB. Here’s some comparative examples obtained at 18 jan 2019:

Site Level Test Link
Tripadour A+
Amazon (UK) A
Virgin A A
Ebay (UK) B

Sadly enough, resisting to the cultural market predators requires, among others, a faire level of technical knowledge, not so obvious for the small players of the field.

In Tripadour we don’t believe in the fatality of the current situation and the bankruptcy of so many f us in the neighbourhood. We CAN and we HAVE TO use Internet not only to resist but also to extend our reach.

We are ready to share our expertise with other small cultural players: publishers, book shops, artists, associations… This can take one the following shapes:

  • Designing sites
  • Hosting sites on our platform
  • Selling the cultural products on our sites
  • Publishing events and other announcements

Shortly we publish the details of such community collaboration while we remain open to discussion.


We prepare the availability of the eBook version of our books.

The eBook availability, combined with the on-line sale, makes the acquisition of our books instantaneous. Few clicks away!

During a journey, on holidays, in public transport… or even in bed! Every occasion is good for reading.

The habits change. We're here to accompany them not to judge.


Very shortly Tripadour site will speak Persian.

The Persian translation of the site will be a window towards a universe where the poetry is the daily bread.

We are translating the whole site, wherever it makes sense.

Here is a saying every Iranian know by heart: ! فارسی شکر است

Want to know what it means? Find an Iranian, Afghan, Uzbek, Tajik… and ask him!