Holy Land, Taqi Sabateen

Taqi Sabateen is a multi-talented young Palestinian artist and a recent graduate of the International Academy of Art (IAA), Palestine (2012).

Born in the village of Husan, Bethlehem, in 1988, Sabateen knew that he wanted to become an artist from a very young age and began painting in 2nd grade. On completion of his secondary education, he undertook a number of commissions to paint murals in schools and kindergartens in Bethlehem Governorate. In 2009, he joined the IAA in Ramallah and successfully secured a bachelor’s degree in fine art in 2012. Throughout his studies, he showed himself to be a great painter and sculptor.

Since graduating, he has developed a specialism in landscape painting and his near realist style makes him stand out as a remarkable young talent. As a deeply spiritual person, Sabateen draws inspiration from the sanctity and blessedness of the Palestinian countryside. The olive tree - the most famous of Palestinian symbols - features in nearly all of his recent paintings. Yet, Sabateen’s recent paintings also include depictions of unchecked urbanization, colonial settlements and imposing structures that threaten the very existence of this precious terrain.

As a student Sabateen visited Oslo University and participated in a group exhibition in 2011. He also participated in two group exhibitions at Zawyeh Gallery, Ramallah, between 2013 - 2014. Holy Land at Zawyeh Gallery is his first solo exhibition.

Samedi, 12 Décembre 2015, 16:00
Jeudi, 31 Décembre 2015, 17:30
Organisé par
Zawyeh Gallery


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