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Password Hint

[In order to promote the choice of longer and more complicated sequence of characters for PASSWORDS, and in line with the IT security community, we use the word: PASS-PHRASE instead of PASSWORD]

Site's Pass-phrase Rules

We promote the strong pass-phrases through the following constraints:

  • Your Pass-phrase should be at least 8 characters long

  • And it should contain at least:

    • One digit
    • One Uppercase character
    • One lowercase character
    • One Symbol (:!?%$...)
  • Do not use your username as part of your Pass-phrase

Some facts:

  • Most of the people use the SAME Pass-phrase for ALL their accounts!

  • Many write their pass-phrases in a un-encrypted file on their computers!

  • Many stick their passwors right besides the same computer screen

  • The most commonly used pass-phrases in each language are widely published and known

  • The "dictionary attacks" are getting very cheap: few dollars for thousand tries

  • The average time to hack a WEAK Pass-phrase is around one hour

  • Many companies send the users pass-phrases to the users in the unprotected emails. A pass-phrase should NEVER be sent over the net even through a protected connection

  • Many sites do not use the Secured Connection (SSL) to login or create account. ALL the pass-phrases created or used on these sites are compromised.

Our Advice

While these constraints assure a MINIMUM complexity of your pass-phrase they don't garantee their actual quality. Here are our guide lines:

  • Pick a sentence (string of words) that you can remeber easily and ONLY you can know. Examples:

    • A sentence that has a meaning only to you and nobody else
    • You could use re-ordered parts of the childhood songs
    • A not very well known catch sentence of film that you never forget (re-ordered)
    • a sentence about an insignificant memoriy that ny can know of

Such pass-phrase is easy to remember and difficult to hack.

  • We recommend you STRONGLY to use the [DICEWARE]( method to pick up a pass-phrase. There are some sites helping you to generate the diceware-compliant pass-phrase. Some of them are listed in the Wikipadia article. A secure and gorgeous pass-phrase just few clicks away!

  • Write down your Pass-phrase on a paper (but do not stick it to your computer screen !)

  • If you are tired of writing your pass-phrases here and there and losing them you can use the Pass Safe star [KeePass]( (or another open-source one). KeePass can manage the automatic login without even need to key in your pass-phrase. So you can select a REALLY strong one (at least 4 words). Secure & Simple. A gift from the fabulous Open-Source Community.

  • Do not use this site's Pass-phrase for any other site