Reza Hiwa
Reza Hiwa

Reza Hiwa is a poet, born in Tehran in 1955 to a Kurdish family migrated to a working class neighbourhood in Tehran. He grows as a migrant in his own country, forced to hide that they were Kurdish and specially his parents were Sunnis. He spends his young years there where the country’s ethnic mosaic was mixed. The misery pushes always the disenfranchised in province to the metropolis.

He goes to the university to realise the parents dream and become an engineer, the symbol of social promotion. But his soul is not there. The day before exams he swallows Beethoven, Marx and Hugo and instead of studying resistance of materials he thinks of another resistance.

He fights two dictatorships and ends up in exile. Here he is in France, father of three. Another gift of life makes him travel across Europe.

He claims that he’s a poet because he’s found the woman in himself and owes the whole thing to women’s love.

Finally he discovers his fetish book: the Man, which he reads with bulimia. He prefers street conversations to scholarly wrangling.

He says he is born to sow. To sow even if all makes him believe that he’s alone, isolated and marginal. To sow in spite of draught and inundation. Sowing the word of love can only bring Peace after all.